We provide web design and development in Liverpool, but it just doesn’t end there.

Once our project is completed – we don’t just walk away. We also provide aftercare for all our clients and associates.

Providing an active support desk, many requests we receive are unpredictable and happen in an instant. Such requests need to be resolved as quick as possible to reduce the downtime of the website. Especially so – if it’s an e-commerce selling products online or a site that relies on advertising revenue to function.

Having the correct skills within the business to provide both Web and IT knowledge is now vital to sustain in this digital age, which is what DigitalConfig possess. Enabling us to provide a quality support service.

But even the best of us can’t know it all. There has been a few times were we have seen an issue and was left in deep thought …  Until creating a plan of action.

That’s why we decided to publish one of those (MySQL database) times so other web design and development providers or those managing a website can find our post and resolve the problem more quickly.

The MySQL Scenario:

New client.  Website built by previous provider. Known for database issue’s that would crash at any time and require repairing quickly. Simple.

Then during your usual mysql table repair in phpmyadmin you receive a message saying:

Can’t create new tempfile: ‘tablesname.TMD file error

It took us slightly longer to than usual to figure this one out as there wasn’t much to go on regarding research, but the solution was as follows:

  • Open phpmyadmin
  • Select the correct database and table you want to repair.
  • Rename the table. i.e. tbl_name to new_tbl_name
  • Now try to repair the table again.
  • Once repaired – rename the table back to original name and all will work fine.

If you still get errors when repairing – phpmyadmin allows you to run a repair command. That command is below:

RENAME TABLE tbl_name TO new_tbl_name