Every business owner knows that their SEO campaign is centred on keywords. When SEO professionals are conducting any keyword research, they focus on aspects such as the search volume and relevancy. If you are just sending your website live or are a small business that already has a website, it isn’t advisable for you to pursue using high search volume keywords; these take a long time to generate traffic.

Instead, you need to focus on using long-tailed keywords that most visitors tend to use when they are keen on making a purchase. In fact, many people using mobile platforms while looking for some specific products services or businesses tend to use long-tailed keywords and phrases via voice search. Let’s take a detailed look at why these keywords are a very important aspect of SEO:


  1. Less competition

While broader, generic keywords have higher search volume, there is less competition for long-tailed keywords as they are more specific. When you use keywords that focus on your speciality you are more likely to attract a larger number of visitors.


  1. Higher conversion rates

As mentioned earlier, people that are looking for particular products or services tend to use long-tailed keywords. They have already spent a certain amount of time in narrowing down their searches which also means they are more likely to convert if they land on your site using those keywords.


  1. Fit in the keywords naturally

Incorporate the long-tailed keywords naturally into the content on your website and in your blogs. Don’t use the same keywords excessively as that can be considered to be spamming. These keyphrases should be used as anchor text and in the right proportion in the rest of the content.


  1. More cost-effective than PPC

SEO isn’t something that can bring in immediate results and you need to build your strategy well. Many business owners invest in PPC strategies; while these bring in quicker results, they can be very expensive and not always sustainable. On the other hand, if you use well-researched, long-tailed keywords regularly in your on-page and off-page content, you will be able to attract a more targeted and qualified content.


It’s also a great way to connect with your audience. Before including any long-tailed keywords in your content, ensure you have conducted a significant amount of research, and ensure it is relevant and engaging too.