Were-ever there are businesses – there’s opportunity.

Which is why, when asked by the Warrington and Cheshire Growth Hub to attend a networking/update event at the Village Hotel Centre Park Square, Warrington – we accepted without hesitation.

We knew that not only was there going to be a good attendance of businesses just like us working towards the same goals, but we were going to be updated on the important information about the Growth Hub initiative.

The 2 hour event started off with refreshments and some networking time as people began to arrive. Once all attendees where inside – we had front row seats to what opportunities this growth hub was to provide to local businesses.

Just like many other growth hubs that are across the region – their work and effort to energise the current and future business potential is a well required service that has a solid plan of action. Generating awareness and connecting businesses in an attempt to increase sales and support for all.

We were provided with a guided tour of their website. All information that was explained was required in the successful use of the growth hub, but what grabbed our interest was the information freely provided, usually carries a price in itself – so their actually helping businesses from day one.

We are a member of the local growth hub that’s Liverpool based. We are now a member of the Cheshire and Warrington growth hub. Knowing that there are 39 hubs available for everyone to join and be part of is on our agenda throughout the year.

As an extra bonus – there was guest speakers that spoke about other networking opportunities, digital marketing and information for businesses thinking of entering the world of exporting. Providing yet again more vital information we all need now or in the future.

Overall – the evening was a success and finished off with some final networking were we had the chance to find out more about each others businesses.

Great evening – great people and we look forward to working along side the Hub for many years to come.