There are two main reasons that can cause your computer to run slow.

One reason is that you have used the computer snails pace - pc running slowto complete your daily tasks over a period of time. The other reason is that you may have one of these new viruses that pops up adverts or tries to say that you need to pay to remove it.


This blog post concentrates on the wear and tear and constant use of your computer, but does reference the full virus check that your IT Support team must complete.


Scenario: Over time you have installed software, uninstalled software, added files and deleted files. Doing this constantly over the period of 12 months slows things down.

The reason for this is because your computer looks at the hard drive for your files and programs. When it finds them – it loads them up on your screen for you to use. When you delete a file or take away software – it leaves blank spaces on the hard drive. Your computer must get through these blank spaces to find what you want. The more blank spaces the hard drive must get through – the longer it will take to open your files or start up.


This is why at the very least, your computer needs to be serviced every 12 months to keep things running efficiently and to avoid downtime.


Your business or you personally needs a proactive IT Support provider that will run through the following task’s to make sure you’re safe and all works correctly:

PC Health Check






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