The old saying that “content is king” is still relevant today, especially when it comes to the design and development of a new website.

As your trusted web design and development team – we take you on a journey. An experience that you must endure to understand how your website functions, how it is perceived by the viewing public in terms of engagement and is it giving them the correct message about your business.

The above process all begins with content. Having your content correct from the outset not only enables teams like ours to create a perfect design/layout for the website, envisage the overall functionality, but it also speeds up the process of a new site build by enabling your web design team to have all information they require at their fingertips.

What content do I need?

This is one of the most common questions asked by our clients and it’s our task to simplify the whole process by breaking down all the requirements into understandable sections.

For the purpose of this blog – we will just focus on the content required at the initial stages so your web design team can commence.

Key worded Content:

Anybody can sit down and write wording for their website about their business and what they do. It’s easy for business owners to do this because they are living it every day and are simply explaining their usual routines.

How-ever – what many businesses don’t know is that the content you write for a website needs to be understandable by your potential clients, but it also needs to be clear about what you do in a way that search engines (Google / Bing) can understand too.

This is achieved by implementing something known as keywords directly into the content itself.

You begin this part of the content process by anticipating what your potential customers are going to search for in Google to find your service. For example – if we want to be found quickly on the initial search engine pages by a local company searching for a new website – we could use Web Design Liverpool as one of our key words/phrases.

Once the keywords/phrases have been researched thoroughly by your Web Design / SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) team and are proven to be getting a high volume of searches per month – then these words are used within your content when it’s written.

If completed correctly at this stage – this can be built upon at a later date as part of your main SEO strategy moving forward.

Images / Artwork:

Choosing the correct images for your new website is very import. There are many stock image websites available today that for a small fee – allow you to use their photo’s legally instead of using online images that belong to other people who can claim for copyright of their material if found on your site without permission.

There is always the option of having a professional photographer take photo’s of your products or company members that can be used on the site. This option is more expensive than the stock images option, but the images will be unique and you will have full rights to them.

By working alongside your web design and development team – you should be able to tap into their contacts, who usually consist of image / video and marketers who know their stuff.

Branding & Guidelines:

If you already have an official logo, colour scheme in place for the business that must be followed every time to keep your company branding consistent across all platforms and public facing media – then your web design team need this information.

They can incorporate this important aspect into the website from day one during the design stage keeping the flow of all branding looking professional throughout.



To get the best start for your new website and to connect more with your web design and development team. Having your content in mind from day one of the project is important and will make the rest of the process much earlier to understand as you work your way through.