This weekend (Sunday 19th June) it’s Fathers day.

But before you go out and buy the usual socks, watches, etc. Why not be a bit more creative and check out some cool stuff online and surprise him.

Here are some techie ideas that we have selected on what you can give your dad this Fathers Day:


Pinart allows you to create your very own 3D sculptures of virtually anything you choose. Older generations love these novelty items as it reminds them of the first time they appeared on the shelf and many of us wanted one, but didn’t quite get the chance.
Well now he can!



A great gift for many – is their own name purchased as a domain.
Not many of us have the opportunity to purchase our own name anymore because it has already been purchased by somebody else with the exact same name who got there before us.
Getting in early and securing the domain is always best. It may come in handy one day.

Domain Name

Help Dad re-live his youth. Even though he may never admit it – there has most likely been times when your dad has spent many hours playing Sega.
Now you have the opportunity to buy a replica Sega Megadrive including 80 games preinstalled. Providing hours of game play for dad and eventually the whole family once he has to go back to work on Monday.



Just imagine your Dad having his own virtual reality glasses.
These cool gadgets are now appearing everywhere, with more and more new developments being introduced at a rapid pace.
The look on you dads face would be priceless when he opens the box on this one.

Vizor Glasses


We would never encourage businesses to perform their own web design and development. Not only does this waste their time, but they will never get it right.
But for personal use. You can create a basic website that displays images of the past / present.
Looking through old memories is always great. To have them hosted online to view and to share with others is a class idea.
What’s even better about this gift is that the images can be updated as and when taken enabling it to be an ongoing present from start to finish for many years to come.
To build your own website and make it visible to the whole world – your first step is webhosting. Our budget package would be ideal for this as it starts at just £1.25 per month and includes everything you need to get started and complete your task.

Web Design