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Wix or WordPress?

Wix Or WordPress?

Wix or WordPress? Which is the best platform, for your business? Today we will share our thoughts on which platform we think is best for your business’s web presence Wix or WordPress. We will cover costs, ease of use, and scalability. Let’s dive straight in… What about WIX? For ease of use, WIX is great,

Latest Web Design Trends

There is nothing stagnant about web design; something that was the “in” thing yesterday may be passé today and this landscape is constantly in evolve mode. It goes without saying that web designers need to be in sync with these trends and create sites that will resonate with their clients’ audiences. While 2017 is coming

4 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends

Modern day lifestyles are entirely dominated by the Internet and today, most people own smartphones that they use for a number of things apart from making and receiving calls and sending and receiving messages. People are using smartphones to access information on products and services they need and this helps them make a more informed

You Know You Need a Web Designer When….

Most small business owners start out with great enthusiasm when getting their website designed. Unfortunately what most fail to recognise is that a website is never a set-and-forget component of your overall marketing strategy. It needs regular upgrading and updating or else it will simply fail to do what it was intended to do- attract

Why do I Need a Web Designer?

If you want your business to be competitive both in the online and offline space, you need to have a website. Today, the internet has become the primary source of information when people are looking for services or products. And if you don’t have a professionally designed website, you risk losing potential customers, not just

Mobility First and How it Affects YOUR Business

In days gone by, web design was far simpler than it is today. Mobile phone usage wasn’t as rampant as it is today and sites could be designed specifically for a desktop. However, all of that has now changed in a significant way. Modern day designers are faced with the challenging task of designing sites that

What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Most people use the terms web design and web development interchangeably and feel they are one and the same thing. But the fact is that these are two distinctly different aspects of a website. Let’s take a look at how they differ:   Web design The “design” part of this particular equation specifically deals with

What Your Business is Missing by Not Having a Web Site

Today, the internet has infiltrated every walk of life and above 90% of people look for product and services related information online. Consumers seem to have adopted and adapted to the internet wholeheartedly; however, in some industries and regions, small businesses have been slow to follow suit and about 50-60-% of them don’t even have

Top 5 Latest Web Design Trends

The web design space is never stagnant and new techniques emerge that go onto becoming trends. In 2016, irregular grids and animation, card layouts, material design and flat design took centre-stage; and 2017 saw web designers working hard to deliver an interactive, relevant and personalised experience to users. Here we take a look at the

Why is the Design of Your website Important?

As professional Web Designers based in Liverpool, we know that it’s common for businesses to overlook the importance of web design in their broader marketing performance. However, the truth is that it can either boost or sink your campaign. This is especially true of you are an e-commerce business. While there are a number of