Finding the best web design and development provider for your business requirements is starting to get more and more complicated. There are many companies out there that we hear of everyday that promise the world, but deliver nothing apart from an unjustified burn mark in your bank balance. #wasted.

So to assist businesses that are searching for this information online – we created 4 simple steps to help you get started. Knowing what to look for in a web design and development provider will save you many hours and quite a lot of money.


1: Research:

As with many things we need to know more about – we search online for the answers. Searching for web design Liverpool for example would bring up a list of businesses that can provide what you require. But who do you trust and invest you’re hard earned money into to achieve your requirements.

In the research phase – we suggest that you don’t just look at the web design and development companies. You can also look at your competitions websites and the ones you like, scroll down to the very bottom of the site were in many cases you will see the name of the web development company with a link to their website.

If a web design and development company has built a website for another provider and it matches your expectations – then there’s a pretty good chance they can also help your business as they would already understand your product and would have live feedback from their own clients sales since the new site was introduced.

2: Portfolio:

Web design and development businesses always like to show off their latest creations online via their website. As important it is to read the businesses history and expertise – actual visual proof is always a good sign to see.

Just like in step 1 – to see the site and test out its functionality and customer engagement enables you to have a firsthand experience and more of a connection with the potential provider before you make that initial call or email.

3: Testimonials:

Real feedback from current clients is very crucial to strengthen you decision overall. There must always be a section on the Web design and development provider’s website that displays feedback for the previous work they have completed successfully.

How-ever – you should never leave anything down to chance. You shouldn’t just take the words of the website as final. You could also contact the website owners who have made their comments and ask them their feelings back then and their feelings now.

Knowing this could just sway your decision to commence with the business or not.

4: Initial Contact:

Meeting the staff of the business allows you to see how they present themselves and the knowledge of their industry they possess.

Straight away – you will be able to tell if you feel comfortable around the provider and once achieved you can then begin to explain your vision.

From experience – capturing a business’s vision is always more effective during a live one to one meeting. It can be done virtually via email and telephone, but it takes slightly longer than having that more personal and respectful approach.