Social Media for Business

2016/17 will see a staggering 41 Million digital buyers online ready to make their next purchase.

Because these buyers are online, businesses today require a website that has been professionally designed by a web design team. Then they need a means of getting the customer to the site.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to use some sort of social media platform to promote your products/services. Generating awareness is vital for all businesses to survive and having the ability to put what you do in front of millions is an opportunity not to be missed.

For those who are thinking of using social media as a way of promotion, but are not sure were to begin. Below are just a few points we recommend you always keep in mind:


Don’t be afraid:

One of the main things that hold businesses back from using social media is the fear of making a mistake, but until you try – you will never know.

Start off small by posting a few updates on the latest work you have completed or networking events you have attended that week.

Follow others and like what they do. See how their posting updates and promotions online for inspiration.

Correct Branding:

Having the correct branding on your social media profile is very important. Just like your website – having an inviting / professional look is what many of your competition have in place right now. When customers visit their profile – they will more than likely seek further information or go directly to the website because they can clearly see that you care and believe in what you do.

See our facebook profile as an example of what is required:

Interact with Business & Public:

You must interact with others. Ask businesses questions, gain feedback from the general public about your services/products or you can answer questions relating to your field of expertise providing potential customers with a small insight into your knowledge and making them require more.

Helps with SEO:

There are many factors included when working on your SEO. How-ever – each and every time you post on social media and link it back to your website – it helps further support your SEO efforts that brings you further up the rankings in Google.

The more you are mentioning your business on other sites the more chances you will have in being found if people are searching Google for your product.

They may find your profile discussing your products and if updated correctly – they can click a link directly to your website to find out more.

Hootsuite / collaboration:

For those of us who already have multiple passwords to gain access to our online resources – it can sometimes be a chore to remember them when urgently required.

Collaboration solutions like Hootsuite for example enable you to add your favourite social media platforms and have them in one single location. By doing this – you will only require one password to gain access to all your social media accounts at once.

The additional benefits of solutions like these is that they are packed with additional features like post schedule were you can create all postings and let the system know when to send them.


The overall goal for social media is to obtain statistics on your visitors, their interaction, gender of the visitor and what content your visitors are currently interested in.

Having this crucial information enables you to shape your strategy to suite your target audience, providing them with what they actually want and enticing them to interact with you and your business even more.