Over the last 6 years we have gathered an abundance of SEO Gold Dusted information & techniques by designing & developing websites. Not only that we have also worked with some SEO specialists that only concentrate on SEO which works for the most part.

So… the combination of 6 years Gold Dusted Experience PLUS tried & tested SEO techniques from SEO specialists gives us the chance to provide the Best SEO Solution available.


Search Engines account for 51% of all web traffic. This means that, to drive traffic to your page, your website must be Search Engine-friendly. In order for potential customers to land on your website, it must first be built correctly, continually tweaked, updated and then expanded; enhancing your digital footprint. This can be difficult and very time consuming. Planning, tracking and measuring each change you make to your website for ultimate optimisation requires daily focus, devoting hours that could otherwise be spent developing your organisation. SEO is now so advanced that, in many cases, those that try to do it themselves are often beaten by more experienced, more skilful SEO experts.

Digital Config can work with you to refine your existing website, rebuilding where necessary to maximise your SEO efforts. Through skilful fine tuning and analysis, your site can then be optimised to conquer the top rankings of Search Engines, resulting in more business generated online by driving more traffic to your website.