The Hub is a drop in centre with information and support under one roof.
They understand the issues affecting a victims family of homicide.


What was needed

We were commissioned with the task of designing & developing a brand new website and all public facing marketing material to be used for a new charitable project called The HUB.

Because of the projects sensitive nature and governing bodies funding the project – we made sure that we kept to our usual professional ethics, by ensuring that all branding/public facing information was presented clear and correctly and that functionality of the new website was of utmost importance throughout.

Items Supported:

Website Design & Development & Branding Development.

The outcome

Our main support was to design and develop a website that portrayed the charity organisations vision, mission and objectives.

All designs / branding also needed to include this same message and also needed to be consistent across all offline marketing materials – i.e. business cards and information flyers. A high level of professionalism was placed into the site to co-inside with what the organisation represents and keeping in mind their target audience.


Coming Soon…