If you want your business to be competitive both in the online and offline space, you need to have a website. Today, the internet has become the primary source of information when people are looking for services or products. And if you don’t have a professionally designed website, you risk losing potential customers, not just via your website, but at your brick and mortar storefront if your business has one.


Consumers start evaluating companies and products long before they even decide to make any purchase; and if your company’s website does not seem secure and well-designed, with a professional and simple to use layout, they will very easily move on to the next site they set their eyes on; in short, when you don’t have an effective website, you lose out to the competition.


Why hire a web designer?


Some business owners feel that they would be able to use a free template off of the internet to design a simple website for their business on their own. While it will save you a certain amount of money, this type of a website won’t attract the traffic you need and will not add to the profitability of your company either. There are a number of benefits to hiring a professional web designer for your website:


  • Custom design– A web designing professional will make sure that your site is custom -designed to suit your branding, products and services and that it will suit your specific needs and look unique.


  • Visual properties– These professionals will make sure that the site’s theme, colours, navigation tabs, text and layout are user-friendly.


  • New technologies– Most DIY site builders won’t allow RSS feeds, links or video in your site, which can have a negative impact on it. In comparison, a professional designer will make sure the latest technologies are used in the work. They will work in tandem with the web developer to ensure the coding and design work perfectly, that it has video and RRS functionality and loads quickly and efficiently.


  • SEO compliant– A web designer will ensure your site is SEO compliant and this means your website will receive better rankings from search engines. Regardless of how well-designed your site is, if it hasn’t been optimized well, search engines won’t be able to find it and neither will users.


Most web designers also provide webmaster services and can help with updating and maintaining your site. All these services help your site remain relevant, popular and successful.