In days gone by, web design was far simpler than it is today. Mobile phone usage wasn’t as rampant as it is today and sites could be designed specifically for a desktop. However, all of that has now changed in a significant way.

Modern day designers are faced with the challenging task of designing sites that would fit in well with a wide range of devices such desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones etc. Today, website design is focused on designing sites for mobile first & foremost! Interestingly, mobile has now become the benchmark for design sizes for other devices.

What makes this approach a good one is that the clean and simple design for mobile devices is easily transferable in an esthetic manner to larger devices. While laptops and desktop computers have larger screen sizes, it’s possible to emulate the basics of clean and simple design across a range of screen sizes.


The relevance of mobile first in the modern world

Mobiles have been around for a very long time, so why has the mobile first concept been dragged into the spotlight all of a sudden? The answer to that stares us in the face every day; in fact, most of us are part of that answer as well! Mobile phones have become almost ubiquitous and people from all walks of life now prefer to use their mobile phones to surf websites and search for information.

Many prefer to do their online shopping while on the go and this means that companies and businesses that offer E-commerce functionality also need to have sites that are easily accessible via mobile devices.


Creating an exceptional user experience

Responsive design and mobility first designs offer users a far better browsing experience compared to websites of old. It can be extremely tedious to visit an unresponsive website and have to pinch & zoom in to read information on the sites you are looking at. As businesses understand the importance of mobility first and ensure they have responsive websites, there will be an increased customer frustration with sites that haven’t been designed for mobiles.

As a modern business that wants to reach a wider audience, mobile first is the best way to go. If your business website isn’t mobile friendly yet, it’s high time you jumped on to the mobile first bandwagon, or you will surely fall behind the competition.