Yesterday – we attended yet another installment of Gillian Hunts Marketing Challenge.

As mentioned in our previous post – the marketing events based at various locations in Liverpool, concentrate on customer engagement to produce increased awareness of our services, Web Design, IT Support, Graphic Design that in turn is to grow our customer base.




This weeks event was based in The Rotunda Enterprise Centre and explored our target customers in more depth in an attempt to further increase our own knowledge and understanding with regards to their purchasing habits and what barriers may exist that prevent them from seeking more information or taking the next step and purchasing. Additionally – We also explored what channels our potential customers are using right now and how to tap into these channels by including them within our marketing strategy and being more interactive in our methods.


Overall – we enjoyed meeting – the new attendees who joined us, Gills well planned delivery which enables business owners of all levels to understand and the many new ideas and views shared within the group, which made this another productive and successful morning.


What lies in store for us next? We await to see..


The DigitalConfig Team.