Last Fridays Marketing Challenge was all about creating content correctly. The best possible way to format and present business content in a way that attracts, entertains and is understandable to all.

Throughout the day we covered:

  • What is meant by content?
  • Communicating to other news media.
  • Penning the important words.
  • Using video and audio.
  • Working on your content strategy.


Creating the correct content can be very rewarding. How-ever – the content that is created must be suitable for your targeted audience and all media platforms.

Just one example we identified and explored in more depth was writing content for newspaper print and then changing it’s structure for website purposes. The editor has final say of what’s used, but print is still considered to be strait forward and how you would say it.

Content for your website – especially content that explains what your business does – must take into consideration, keywords and the correct formatting to satisfy SEO factors that are vital in getting your website noticed by search engines.

A modified version of your content is to be strategically created for your website purposes to achieve maximum exposure of your product or what your trying to promote.

As an additional bonus, Guest Speaker: Tony McDonough, Business Journalist for the Liverpool Echo was invited to come along to share his knowledge and give us a more general insight of what is more likely to get into newspapers and what doesn’t quite make it.

So far – we have attended all the marketing challenge sessions and made our journey the main topic of our blog – so others can track our progress and eventually see the results.

DigitalConfig Team.