This week we thought we would post a testimonial we received from one of our clients.

To give you a better understanding of how we earnt our testimonial that contained great feedback regarding the Website Design & Development services we provide – here is a brief background update.


Our client was initially referred to us by a member of our BNI Alpha Networking Group (Mark Wilson – Wilsons Financial).

Our client required the support of a Web Design & Development Team that respects their clients, was locally based in the Liverpool area for direct /quick contact and a team that just generally cares about their online solutions and marketing efforts.

We attended our clients office to discuss their initial requirements and to see where we could help.

From the moment we met David – we could see his determination and passion for the service he provides. This was great to see because the more our clients are passionate and focused on what they do – the whole process of our support is much more effective, as it makes us as exited and engaged as they are throughout the project.

Our client contacted us later that day to say he liked our approach and how we presented ourselves during the meeting and would like to work with us moving forward.

We helped him update his current website to new layout, which not only increased the visual aspect, but also the functionality of the site, helping his potential clients to easily engage and and convert into sales.

Since then – we have not only provided website support to our client for his business, but he has also introduced us to his clients and working partnerships, who we now provide support to as well.


BNI Group and how effective it is:

BNI Alpha has become a great asset to our business. Not only does it provide us with an ongoing income, but it also provides the support and advice within the group from its members, which is vital to any business that is aiming to grow and connect with others on a greater scale.

Hard work, commitment & dedication pays off:

As always – we put a lot of passion into our web design and development services and always go the extra mile with regards to aftercare and support, which goes to show that hard work and persistence does pay off overall.