This is a question we hear a lot at Digital Config and depending on your expectations and how you want your project to be portrayed online – then the answer would be as follows:

If your working on a simple project and the design and functionality is not a factor – then there are cases were you could have a go at building a website yourself.

How-ever – if your website is to represent your business and needs to function efficiently to engage and convert to sales – then it is highly recommended that you call upon a professional for assistance.

So why would you need a professional web design / development teams support. What can they do that you can’t? Below are just a few pointers:

1: Design:

Getting the design of your business website right is vital to how your company is viewed by the online visitors/potential customers.

We know that without the correct design skills that take years to perfect – there will come a point where things just don’t look right. An example would be something as simple as a rounded corner on some graphics on your site.

Sounds easy enough, but in many cases design and development (coding) needs to integrate and be used together to achieve the desired effect.

Without the right skills – your project will come to a standstill all together or it may take you many hours to research that area to resolve it. Once resolved – it is most certain that you will come across another issue and will have to complete the same research process every time.

2: Functionality:

All web design and development work produced by Digital Config is done so, to a very high standard.

If your website is not running efficiently – you will lose customers when they try to look around and can’t find what their looking for. Research shows that if a product or related information is not found after a few clicks on a site – then the customer will leave and find a site that gives them exactly what they want.

Having bad functionality also reduces the affect of your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts. Google favours websites that are optimised for performance. If your website isn’t fast and running efficiently – then pouring endless monies into your strategies is a complete waste or will seriously reduce your return on investment.

The correct professional can optimise the website and the webhosting server so your website loads in under 5 seconds. Websites that take longer than this to load in are seen as slow.

3: Time:

The final thing which we always mention is TIME! Having a professional web design and development team on board from day one of the project saves hours / days / weeks of time, which could be used more efficiently i.e. creating new offline connections and strengthening existing ones, which is vital to the existence of any business.