Today, the internet has infiltrated every walk of life and above 90% of people look for product and services related information online. Consumers seem to have adopted and adapted to the internet wholeheartedly; however, in some industries and regions, small businesses have been slow to follow suit and about 50-60-% of them don’t even have an online presence at all.


If you are one of these businesses that have been giving the internet a miss and haven’t got a website yet, you are missing out on a lot; take a look at why it matters:


  1. Solid advertising channel

A website can be used to promote your services and products and you can also use social media, internet advertising as well as direct mail to link back to your site; this directs prospects to your business. If you don’t have a website, you miss out on being able to use all these activities to boost your marketing strategy.


  1. Building a stronger local presence

Many small businesses focus on a smaller geographical area and feel they don’t need to worry about getting a business website. But the fact is that a large number of people use their mobile devices to look for products and services nearby. If you don’t have an online presence, you miss out on all this traffic even if you are a small local business.


  1. Higher levels of customer service

Most offices and stores have fixed business hours and may not be open at night. But many people like the flexibility of being able to seek out information at their convenience, be it day or night. If you don’t have a website, customers won’t be able to locate you and will move onto any other company they are able to find on the internet. If they find the information they need there, they’ll be more likely to purchase those services or products from that company. In short, you lose out to your competition when you don’t have a business website.


  1. Forging personal relationships

A website gives you the ability to forge stronger personal relationships with your customers. When you post information like your company’s vision along with your brand character that helps in developing loyalty and trust. People need to be able to trust you before they are willing to do business with you.


These are just some of the benefits of having a business website. And it follows that if you don’t have one; you can’t reap these benefits and will be left behind in the race.