Some time ago. We posted a blog about great business support, resources & opportunities that exist in Liverpool and many businesses are unaware of.  Over the past few weeks, we were notified that some of these have rebranded or placed on hold until further notice.

We updated our old post accordingly and whilst doing so – it inspired this blog.

Much has happened since our blog back in 2016. As we slowly approach our 5th Birthday. We are now part of or closely connected to projects, groups and larger networks all focused on supporting local business growth & community regeneration.

Just like before. We created a list with an insight and explanation regarding why and how they help.

Many in our lists are free of charge. Those that require payment for membership should be considered as an investment into a growing business or as a financial target for a start-up to aim for.

Business Clinic

Business Clinic LiverpoolGary Miller

Based in the grand location of the Liverpool Central Library each and every Thursday. Gary Millar (A previous Lord Mayor of Liverpool / Renowned Entrepreneur) and his strong team of local business owners, provide free advice to people thinking of starting up & existing businesses.

We are also part of this great initiative and attend every last Thursday of the month as lead web design gurus providing a sound knowledge of what businesses are to expect during these early and most crucial stages.

What makes things even more interesting is that we have the ability to tap into the library’s resources extending the information we can provide to a higher level.

We recommend that those thinking of starting a business or have recently started drop-in to gain vital advice that’s not found elsewhere for free.

Location: William Brown St, Liverpool L3 8EW
Day: Every Thursday.
Time: 1 – 4pm


Liverpool Vision / Local Growth Programme

Liverpool Vision broker the Local Growth Hub program for the area Liverpool and signpost businesses directly to the support available to local owners.

Through the Local Growth Hub, support is available from the ERDF Business Growth Programme. Delivered by Liverpool Vision, as part of a consortium of local authorities and chambers of commerce across Liverpool City Region, this program is designed to build confidence and capacity in local SMEs by offering fully funded direct advice, guidance, and information to provide a clear route to growth and sustainability.

Not only are we in close connection to Liverpool Vision as their go to web design and development team, but we are also taking advantage of the program itself by receiving business advice and support to help achieve business growth.

This allows us to gain help ourselves and see all processes involved throughout so we are aware of what’s included when recommending other businesses to utilise this great offering, which is what we now do on a regular basis.

Liverpool Vision

Days: Mon – Fri
Time: 9 – 5pm


BNI (Business Network International)

BNI is a unique marketing strategy aimed at helping businesses gain more clients and to be part of a close network of like minded individuals all with the same goals & determination to succeed.

It was created many years ago by international business men who quickly learned that their business grew much faster if more people were sending clients their way, which leads to the BNI ethos of ‘givers gain’, where if i pass you business – then you’re most likely to give me business back.

We have been part of the BNI experience for some time as the main web design specialists. There are many chapters across Merseyside, however – our chapter is Alpha. A chapter that has stood the sands of time and still manages to generate £1m worth of income within one single room year on year.

Unlike the above programs in this post which are free of charge – there is an annual membership fee involved with BNI. This is the reason why we allow businesses to visit free of charge to see if its right for them and in many cases once they take that important first step, they can clearly see the benefit the group can bring to them.

This offering is highly recommended to businesses that want to grow by gaining more business and for those businesses who want to be part of a larger network.

BNI Liverpool

1 Queen Square, Liverpool L1 1RH
Days:        Tuesday Mornings
Time:        6:45am – 8:30am