We all know that landing pages are great for inbound lead generation. You can create a landing page for all campaigns, events and offers you run.

You need to make sure that your landing page’s designs effectively showcase your brand in a positive light whilst looking attractive and converting as many of your qualified leads as possible.

Many of our clients ask us what makes a good landing page and how to increase the conversion rate of the page. We have built many landing pages and are going to share 5 simple techniques we use to increase conversions.

1) Eye Catching Titles

80% of individuals will read the main headline, but only 20% individuals will read the rest of the content. You will need to write a headline that will grab peoples attention once we have the persons interest it is more likely that we can move them towards conversion

We would love our viewers to take action and click our offer and convert them into a lead, so when it comes to writing a compelling title for you landing page, it is not much different than a headline of a national newspaper. The headline needs to be descriptive and intriguing. The viewer needs to understand what the content about but is curious enough to keep on reading.

2) Keywords

Your landing pages should target keywords as you could be missing out on vital traffic. To optimise your content for 3 keywords or phrases, keep your content to around 250 – 300 words this should be a nice length of copy for Google to understand your landing page and start to index it for your chosen keywords and phrases.

Your main title on your page should be wrapped in <h1> tags if you are familiar with html you will no whet tags are! By wrapping your title with <h1> tags you are telling Goolge that this wording is important and you would like to be found for this search term. You can also bold or italicise your other keywords on the page to make them stand out to Google as well!

3) Keep them focused

Unlike other pages of your website that are designed to be more informative and educational, landing pages are completely conversion focused. With this in mind, removing the navigation from your landing page design will focus the viewers attention on exactly what it is you want them to do – fill in their contact information to access your exclusive content.

Landing pages are unlike other pages that are on your website. A lading page sole function is to convert a viewer into a lead. We need to keep the viewer focused on our call to action so the will fill in our form so we can capture their information. We can do this by removing the navigation menu and any other links that can take our viewer away from our page.

4) Colour Work

Colours play a big part of all webpages especially landing pages, as it can determent how a viewer reads and interacts with the page. there are many topics on the web that debate which colours should be used on landing pages and are well worth a read if you want to decide what colours to use. once you have your colour scheme worked out all you need to do is decide on a design for your buttons for call to action that will viewers would want to click!

5) Love Mobile

One third of all traffic to websites comes from mobile devices as of 2013. So we need to keep this in mind when creating our landing pages as we do not want to exclude a third of the market.