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Today, in excess of 2 billion people across the globe have active social media accounts. This goes to show exactly how widely used the medium is which also makes it the perfect branding and marketing tool.


Aspects to consider

Whether you are a small local business or one with a national or international reach, social media marketing can help keep you in the minds of existing and prospective customers. Take a look at why your business needs social media marketing:


1: Communicate with your customers

One of the main aspects of social media platforms is that they help generate information in real time; each day there are millions upon millions of social media network interactions across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. You can communicate with your customers via these platforms and learn about what they have to say about your products and services and strengthen your brand in the long term.


2: Improve branding

Having an active presence on social media platforms gives customers the flexibility to communicate with your company when they need to; it also becomes the channel via which you can provide personalised responses; this helps in customer retention and brand building.


3: Cost-effective advertising

You can complement all your other digital marketing efforts with social media. The latter is one of the most inexpensive advertising and marketing avenues and you can target your audiences using demographics such as a age, gender, locations, preferences etc.


4: Enhance customer experience

Modern day customers are very mobile with their purchases and they expect businesses to be available round the clock and expect rapid response times. You can leverage social media platforms to provide this quick access and connectivity that your customers expect. This enhances the customer experience and goes a long way in improving customer retention.


5: Increase ranking, traffic, and conversions

You can use social media to promote your services and product, post blogs and articles and other interesting content that leads back to your site. This increases traffic, conversions, and sales. Search engines also rank your site higher when your followers post backlinks to your website.


Regardless of how you look at it, social media has a number of benefits to offer your business. Building an effective, ongoing, sustainable social media marketing strategy for your business is a vital step towards increasing the visibility and the reach of your brand.