Modern day lifestyles are entirely dominated by the Internet and today, most people own smartphones that they use for a number of things apart from making and receiving calls and sending and receiving messages. People are using smartphones to access information on products and services they need and this helps them make a more informed purchase decision; a lot of information is sourced from various websites.


Some trends to follow

This also means if you want to attract larger audiences to your website, you need to ensure it holds relevant information and that its design is attractive and in line with the latest trends. Here are 4 cutting-edge web design trends that will catapult the visibility of your website:


  1. Focus on influencing visitors’ emotions

Experienced designers are aware that colours, pictures and shapes have an impact on emotions. For instance, you can convey happiness and optimism by using bright colours like yellow, while sophistication and style can be conveyed by using clean lines and colours such as black and white or anything in subtle tones. Using the right colour combinations with the right web design will help in getting a positive response from viewers.


  1. Include scroll-triggered CTAs

Your visitors and readers need to have easy & quick access to all your contact information. While many sites include CTAs at the bottom of their web pages, this doesn’t always deliver favourable results. Today the trend is to include scroll-triggered CTAs to catch audience attention and drive a larger number of views.

These CTAs will pop-up only when the readers have reached certain sections of the site. Once they start to scroll through, your CTA would appear which would encourage them to take action. This is a more effective way of directing viewers to contact your company with their requirements.


  1. Reduce the clutter

The modern website design aesthetic is quite minimalistic and users prefer uncluttered and clean sites with relevant information positioned in an easy-to-read manner. Ensure that your website design is streamlined, clean and ad-free.


  1. Visual relief

You can also include illustrations and mini videos as well as infographics in the content. This provides visual relief from lines and lines of text and keeps the audiences engaged and improves the user experience.

Hire a skilled and experienced web designer to help you design your business website and keep abreast of the latest trends in the field.